Lehman’s Hardware, Kidron, OH

Can a family have fun at a hardware store?  That is the question we were off to answer. Lehman’s Hardware in Kidron, Ohio, is not your average hardware store.  As I understand it, Lehman’s was originally started to offer non-electric appliances to Amish customers in the area. Now they offer a vast array of products both to the Amish and non-Amish community.

We packed up our van, picked up our daughter from school, missed our turn, and sometime later arrived at Lehman’s. I knew this would be a good stop when I spotted the free coffee near the entrance. My wife wasn’t so sure looking around at all the things that could easily be touched and broken by little hands. But it was too late to go back as the kids had already spotted the Amish buggy and climbed in!

We wandered around the maze of departments truly in awe. They had everything from weird new toilets to old wood stoves. There departments ranged from bulk food to household goods to farming tools and everything in between. Would have been nice to linger a little longer here and there, but the kids kept us moving! That is, until we reached the TOY department.

Lehman’s has not one floor, but two floors of toys! And these toys are not your typical Walmart toy isle variety. These toys are classics–games, dolls, tractors, toy guns, books, etc… maybe a toy you remember playing with as a kid.

They also have a scavenger hunt sheet available that keeps you looking for things as you go through the store.

It may not be the most fun for younger kids, but if you are looking to reminisce about the old days, find a unique gift for someone, or move to a place where there is no electricity available, then you should definitely check this place out!




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