The Playground at Mohican State Park, Loudonville, OH

There are many things to do at Mohican State Park but for some reason we ended up at the Mohican State Park Campground where we saw a playground! And, I have to say, it was rather fun even for me. There was a zipline type ride and a new and improved version of the merry – go -round–plus swings, slides, and the usual climbing things kids can fall off of and break legs on.

We hope to check out some of the other features of Mohican State Park like the Fire Tower and Covered Bridge and maybe do a little hiking. But, for now, here are some pics of the playground in case you are in the area and need just that kind of a pit stop! Restrooms are nice and available and lots of picnic spots besides. Some other fun things looked like they would be available in the summer like a store with icecream, “gold mining”, and a pool. A nature center with snakes (we could see them through the windows), a bird viewing path, and many programs and guided hikes were also available.

Lots of campground space!














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