Dickens of a Christmas at Ohio Village, Columbus

Last Friday evening it was cold and snowy. A perfect evening to stay indoors, pop popcorn, and watch a favorite Christmas show. Warm, cozy, comfortable. But no! My husband had an idea! Let’s go walk around a Victorian Village decked out for Christmas. He shared it with me that morning which gave me all day to warm up to the idea and then, yes, give my blessing.

We had been thinking about the Dickens Victorian Village in Cambridge, Ohio but it seemed so far away. Then he saw another list of Christmas activities which mentioned the Dickens of a Christmas at Ohio Village. That was more like it! About half the distance for us. Maybe someday we will get to Cambridge.

Ohio Village is located right next to the Ohio History Museum. It doesn’t look like much from the parking lot (especially when dark and snowing), but it ended up being an awesome place for our family to visit (i.e., we didn’t have to freeze our fingers off after all!).

Sadly, our ASTC membership did not get us a discount on this “special exhibit” but would for the Ohio History Museum. Thankfully, children 5 and under were FREE so that covered half of our family. 🙂 There are benefits to having young children!

You are given a program with a map and list of activities. Some are scheduled performances others are activities available to do the whole evening. I was surprised at how much they had going on and how well everything was done. It really is a village with several full sized buildings all around a town square.

We went first to the Town Hall where there was an interactive version of the Christmas Carol being acted out by audience members.


At the Church, Saint Nicholas was presenting his life story. The actor was in costume and told the true story of the real Saint Nicholas. He did a fantastic job.

Inside most of the buildings, there were activities and crafts for the kids to participate in as well as fun facts about living in that era. We went in the toy shop and the kids made Victorian gift tags and played with vintage toys. In the bicycle shop, they made Victorian Christmas ornaments and rode a tall bicycle.

There was a family home which was set for Christmas dinner (roast goose!). The kids got to roll out ginger bread cookies and eat some already made. And in the school, they were making popcorn and cranberry chains for the  Christmas tree.

The newspaper print shop had cards that the kids could color and make into Christmas cards, all by the light of an oil lamp.

It would have been nice if one of the buildings was designated as the building to start in. We were handed a map and program at the cold ticket booth and then sent on our way into the cold night. It was hard to see the program and know where to go. If they had a starting building like the Town Hall or something, that would be a warm place to get our bearings and begin to plan what to do first.

Plan to spend the whole evening there. With kids, it will take you the entire time to get through everything. There were several things we did not do. Dress warmly if it is cold because you do have to do a fair amount of outdoor walking but it is warm and toasty indoors.

Definitely a Family Fun Approved seasonal treat!




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