Lowe’s Build and Grow

Here is a great idea for parents or grandparents who are looking to do something with their kids on a Saturday morning! Lowe’s frequently hosts Build and Grow clinics right in their stores. You register online and then show up. They provide the “craft” kit free of charge and the tools you need to build it with. (Special thanks to this great list of holiday ideas from columbus.citymomsblog.com). The Lowe’s Build and Grow program is held on Saturday mornings throughout the year.

Putting together Christmas photo ornaments was the project of the day. Lowe’s provided the hammers and the packets of materials.

An entire plumbing aisle was devoted to the Build and Grow projects.

Since it was Christmas, guess who made a special appearance?

And here are the final products! And yes, this is a “Daddy-do” hairstyle! Sort of looks like Santa’s evil little elf. hahaha.

Check the Lowe’s Build and Grow website for more information on the program and schedule. They said the next clinic would probably be around Valentine’s Day. You do need to register your kids online.

My husband said he had a little trouble finding the right aisle. I can imagine him roaming around the store like a chicken with his head cut off toting 3 little girls along, besides. So, for those who aren’t going to walk in and ask right away for the Build and Grow Clinic location, some signs might be nice.

Dad and daughters enjoyed their morning out. Dad enjoyed making the — I mean, helping to make the ornaments. Getting to go browse Lowe’s wasn’t all bad either.

Can’t make it to a clinic? Check out the cool Build and Grow kits Lowe’s offers for purchase! I think these would make a great gift paired with a tool or two.

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