Dickens of a Christmas at Ohio Village, Columbus

Last Friday evening it was cold and snowy. A perfect evening to stay indoors, pop popcorn, and watch a favorite

The Playground at Mohican State Park, Loudonville, OH

There are many things to do at Mohican State Park but for some reason we ended up at the Mohican

Wally Road Scenic Byway, Loudonville, Ohio

Come along with us as we drive Wally Road in mid November. Wally Road runs about 10 miles from Loudonville

Ariel Foundation Park, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Need a different perspective? The Ariel Foundation Park in Mt. Vernon features this Rastin Observation Tower and its 150 feet

Buckeye Express Diner, Bellville, Ohio

Located near I-71 at Bellivlle, Ohio, the Buckeye Express Diner is, indeed, a real train you can dine in. I

Velvet Ice Cream Factory, Utica, OH

I am sorry to say I have been eating ice cream in some form almost everyday. Homemade, cheapo from the

Sauder Village Living History Farm and Museum, Archbold, Ohio

  Sauder Village is great for families with young kids because there are so many things they can actually touch